Since its inception in 1962, the surgeons and staff at The Clinic of Plastic Surgery have placed great emphasis on providing superior care to their patients in a safe and comfortable environment. Our office location is situated within Baptist Medical Center’s Watkins Building at 1421 North State Street. From our office waiting room on the 5th floor, patients are able to enjoy an elegant bird’s eye view of Belhaven neighborhood while waiting to be taken back to an examination room.

Our clinic location provides extreme convenience, in that it is just up the stairs from Mississippi Surgical Center. Our plastic surgeons enjoy the ability to see patients in the office and the surgery center without ever having to leave the building. Patients have the ability to come for their preliminary and post operative office visits in the same building in which they had their surgical procedure, eliminating confusion and stress.

The staff at our clinic location and at Mississippi Surgical Center are both friendly and efficient in ensuring that patients receive top notch care. Furthermore, Mississippi Surgical Center is a privately owned facility which boasts some of Mississippi’s most talented and patient friendly surgeons. Undergoing a surgical procedure of any sort can be worrisome, which is why our surgeons use the board certified Anesthesiologists at Mississippi Surgical Center to ensure that patients are comfortable and relaxed during their procedure.